Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Small Gallery Wall

A funny thing happened when I thought we would be moving to a farmhouse... I stopped doing projects around the house.  It wasn't intentional but every time I thought of something I might like to do I put it off thinking I didn't want to "waste" money or time.  Even though I love and enjoy my house I started to focus on the things I didn't like about it instead of the things that I love.  I think I was subconsciously separating from the house!  Has this happened to you?  As soon as the farmhouse fell through I had a rush of ideas and projects that I immediately wanted to get done (so there might be a profusion of house stuff in the coming months)!

One of the things that I've actually gotten accomplished has been to start a bit of a gallery wall behind the sofa.  The painting that I've had behind the sofa is one that my friend Leslie painted.  I love it and it's been perfect behind the sofa but I had a few things that I wanted to group together and the sofa made sense; I'll be finding a new place for the hydrangea painting.

I really like the way it turned out, though I'm not sure that it's "done."  I'm totally open to adding more if something presents itself!  Also, I had the "read instead" print framed with museum glass and it makes such a huge difference that I took the Pottery Barn frame that I used for the cross-stitched family portrait and had museum glass put in it too.  I love it and think it's worth every penny not to always have a glare.  We also added the Airstream painting and our family portrait.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Favorite Thing #41

For as long as I can remember, Grace and I have used floral, scented drawer liners from Crabtree and Evelyn in our drawers.  They are particularly welcome in drawers that have been previously loved by other owners.  We immediately fitted some in Grace's new dresser since even after dusting and scrubbing drawers it's nice to put your unmentionables and other clothing on fresh, sweet smelling paper!  I love that it's a sweet, private detail that simply makes your drawers just a bit lovelier!  Sometimes it truly is the little things that make a difference!

P.S.  Grace picked out lavender for her new drawers but I still love this pattern.

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Biography Project

Harris recently was assigned a poster biography project at school.  He picked Steve Jobs since he knew how much Bryce loves Apple products and was excited to work with Bryce on his poster.  Honestly, I think Bryce enjoyed the project even more than Harris did!  He said it was fascinating to go back and read about the genius of Steve Jobs and his incredible journey!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fools

In the past, we've had fun food for April Fool's Day but this year I just wasn't together enough to make it happen!  However, the children had lots of fun playing a few pranks on their Dad!  The classic "replace the filling to an Oreo with toothpaste" was a particularly fun prank to play since Bryce loves Oreos.

We also tried to get him with spilled milk on the keyboard (our glue didn't dry all the way so we put it on the wax paper!)...

I think Harris saved the best for last.  As I was brushing my teeth at the end of the evening my mouth was suddenly on fire!  Harris had put hot sauce on my tooth brush.  The little stinker!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Grace's Color Scheme

Grace's room is slowly but surely coming together.  For something that wasn't ever a complete room redo its really taken some time to figure out exactly how to proceed.  Once we got her new bed, dresser and bulletin board in place and settled, things slowed down a bit.   One thing has led to another and before we knew it wasn't just a coat of paint and a new mattress but new sheets and blankets to fit said new mattress.  Which of course leads to more money being spent.  I don't mind spending a little extra on a lovely wool rug but why are curtain rods so expensive?  Anyway, here's the basic color scheme that's happening in Grace's room.  We kept pretty neutral with the pops of color coming in bed and the rug.  We needed to keep some pink in the room since there are certain things that we are not replacing (Grace's shelves which have a pink wallpaper on the back) but instead of a baby pink or even a hot pink we went with more of a raspberry color.  I hope that it will mature well with her through middle and high school.  

Monday, March 31, 2014

Thrive Concert

Recently, we took the children to see the Thrive Tour concert, which features the christian band Casting Crowns along with Laura Story and For King and Country.  I was unsure what to expect as I've never been to a christian concert, but I'm happy to report that it was amazing!  It was the children's first concert on such a large scale and it was a perfect one to take them to. The bands were so, so good!

We were lucky enough to be invited to meet the band members before the concert.  They were all so gracious, kind humble and friendly.

(Casting Crowns)

It was a powerful concert full of great music and inspiring messages.  My family now counts themselves as fans of the band For King and Country.  These brother's performance was full of high energy and I particularly appreciated their message to girls/women that they are priceless and to never settle for more than honor and respect from men. It was great for Grace to hear such an important message from men of a younger/hipper/cooler generation.

(For King and Country)

I'll never understand how, but 3/4's of the way through the concert, I looked over and Harris had fallen asleep.  It was way past his normal bedtime but it was so loud I cannot fathom how he fell asleep- not 10 minutes before he was standing on his feet clapping to the music!

Friday, March 28, 2014

A Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan

One of my gifts to Bryce this past Christmas was a lazy susan bourbon barrel lid (try saying that three times!).  Bryce saw a similar wine barrel one at a friends house and commented that he liked it, so I thought it would be fun to have one from his favorite distillery from our Bourbon Trail excursion.  After doing a search online, I found some that were very expensive (and lovely) but they didn't have the particular distillery I was looking for nor did I want to spend that much for one!  I was thrilled when I found an affordable one that also allowed me to request a lid from Buffalo Trace!  However, as soon as it arrived I realized that this was a case where you get what you pay for.  The lazy susan mechanism was a total mess, and an obvious case of someone throwing something together in their basement. In addition, the boards had been glued together with the exact wrong sort of glue that should have been used (they used an expanding glue that then oozed all over the other boards!).  In other words, this was a gift that kept on giving since Bryce had to basically remake it!  

The lazy susan has sort of floated around since we haven't been sure where we wanted to keep it, but lately it's found a home in the middle of our kitchen island.  It's nice to have everything clustered together and easy for arms to reach when sitting at the island.  
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